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C'e la categoria presente nel passato in italiano? Cosa vuol dire presente nel passato?
Feb 27, 2012 3:36 PM
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It looks like a question about a question. The answer to the first question is no. I guess you are referring to the past simple tense in English. If you want to know whether there is an equivalent tense in Italian, the answer is no. In other words, in Italian we don't have a mood specific for the past as there is in English. We have some tenses that are used to express past actions, but they are all categorized in other moods (see below). Note that the English simple past or past simple, which is a tense for the present in the past mood, corresponds to one the tenses (tempi) imperfetto or passato remoto, both found in our Indicative mood (modo Indicativo). If this is the best answer for you, please mark it as such :) In the "Indicative" mood (Indicativo) you have 5 kinds of past tenses in Italian: passato prossimo (e.g. io ho amato) passato remoto (io amai) imperfetto (io amavo) trapassato prossimo (io avevo amato) trapassato remoto (io ebbi amato) In the conditional condizionale you have only 1 past tense: condizionale passato (io avrei amato) In the subjunctive (congiuntivo) 3 past tenses: congiuntivo passato (che io abbia amato) congiuntivo imperfetto (che io amassi) congiuntivo imperfetto (che io avessi amato) you then have: participio passato (amato) infinito passato (avere amato) gerundio passato (avendo amato) There is no past mood in Italian and thus no present tense in the past mood.
February 28, 2012
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