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Should I use 了 in this sentence? Should I use 了 in this sentence? 前天你接到(了?)一封不知從哪兒來的信。
Feb 27, 2012 3:40 PM
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Drop "了", clean and simple:)
February 27, 2012
Many Chinese learners have trouble with using the word 了 correctly. I can tell you that you should leave it out in this sentence, but I don't know exactly why we should leave it out. It just sounds natural to my ears without the word 了。 You can use the word 了 in a sentence such as :"我终于收到了他的来信。" , which in English would be :"I finally receive his letter." You anticipated this incoming letter from him, so you can use 了. I'm not sure whether we use it because of an anticipation or from a known source (in this case him). I'm sure there are other situations in which you would use 了, but I'm no Chinese grammarian, so I don't know.
February 27, 2012
You should use '收到‘ instead of '接到‘. Both ‘前天我收到一封不知从哪儿来的信' and ‘前天我收到了一封不知从哪儿来的信’ sound natural to my ears. I sometimes use the former and sometimes use the latter. What makes your sentence sound not natural is '你‘, because everyone knows whether they have received something --- It's impossible for anyone else to tell them about it.
March 3, 2012
personally,i think both is ok.But deleting it is more better.. actually, you can see so many time adverbs like 过,了,着 in sentences. 过,了 can be used in past tense and perfect tense. 着can be used in present continuous tense. 了 mostly is used at the end of sentence,somtimes without any meangings
February 27, 2012
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