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Hi every one, how to say and write good morning and good evening in chinese? thanks a lot.
2008年4月19日 11:00
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l was living in tianjin china,and we often say 吃了吗?in the morning 明儿见!in the evening
In China we often say "早"(zao) for short. And I have to point out that Shunmin made a mistake: 早安 = zao an When we meet someone at night ,we say 晚上好( wan shang hao) And we say 晚安(wan an) while we go to bed.
good means 好 in chinese. so good morning is 早上好(早安) or 上午好 good afternoon is 下午好 good evening is 晚上好 when you meet somebody 晚安 is good night which is used to say goodbye at night. these are mandarin
good morning =早上好pinyin:zao shang hao good evening =晚上好pinyin:wan shang hao
good morning in chinese pinyin "zao an" 早安good evening in chinese pinyin "wan an "or "wan shang hao" 晚安 晚上好 when you gotta sleep youcan say "wan an" to your spouses or kids ;when you meet someone in the evening you can say "wan shang hao" it 's a kind of greeting!
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