クールジャパンの「正体」を求めて、 擬似・海外取材はじまる! Explain me, please, the meaning of the word 擬似 within this sentence.
Feb 29, 2012 6:43 AM
Answers · 4
hi, Michael. I don't know come through for you because my english is not good. It's just study English for me. "擬似" is meaning of the not real. it's fake things or objects. But it is looks almost exactly like a truth. "海外取材" is means "interview in foreign country". So, they do not go to foreign country. I seem, they are trying to do internal interview for a test before real foreign country interview. does this make sense?
February 29, 2012
Thank you, Tokyo-03-san. This article is that I'm translating, I practice in japanese-russian translation. It's so difficult text for me, you know... :)
March 2, 2012
http://trendy.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/column/20081003/1019443/ 元の文章はこちら。 この文章の中での「擬似・海外取材」の意味は 「(自分は日本人だけど)外国人になったつもりで”クールジャパン”を取材します」ということ。
March 1, 2012
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