All of the woman VS All the woman SCRIPT The four women stand around it, talking. Susan looks past her and sees Paul watering his lawn. All of the woman turn to look. He waves and they wave back. Question Scripts says 'All of the woman' but I assume the expression 'All the woman' is also proper to use. How about that? Interchangeable or not? Need your help.
Feb 29, 2012 9:57 AM
Answers · 4
All (of) the womEn. It's women, with an E. Anyway, you can omit the "of" if you like.
February 29, 2012
It should be "all of the women". Women is the plural version of woman. Because there are four women in this script, we know that it should be "women" instead. To me, it should be "all of the women turn to look" or "all of the women turned to look" because taking out "of" makes the sentence seem incomplete. "All of the women turn to look" would mean that the women are turning to look at that very moment. "All of the women turned to look" indicated that they turned to look. Taking out the "of" isn't bad and would be understood by any native English speaker. I'd say you are right and they are interchangeable. Examples without of and with of All the boys went to play. All of the boys went to play. I cried, and all the women cried too. I cried, and all of the women cried too. All the people sang joyously. All of the people sang joyously. "Of" just adds a bit more zing into the sentence, but wouldn't be required. It's just a preference of the writer/speaker to use "of" or ignore it. Make sure you know when to use "of" though. If you said: "Voice my heart" and "voice of my heart", there'd be different meanings. "Voice my heart" is to say what your heart feels. "Voice of my heart" is your heart's voice (not literally). The voice of your heart may lead you to wanting to voice your heart. Voicing your heart would be considered an action or a verb, while the voice of your heart is a noun. Some online examples of using of... Your English is pretty good! Keep up the great work! ^^
February 29, 2012
Both correct. All being noun (all of) or adjective (all the..., no "of" omitted whatsoever).
February 29, 2012
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