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I want to learn arabic.I`m beginner Also I would like to improve my english
Apr 19, 2008 9:25 PM
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you can improve ur english by finding a language partener.. read some books and listen to music and news.. about arabic start to learn the alphabet and spelling and there are many recourses to learn at this site
April 22, 2008
the begning have to know the litter then try to use the litter to read without knowing the meaing after you know read well then start to learn...all this need time and step by step
April 20, 2008
Hi, there are many online services available for learning arabic, I've tried a number of the more well known and popular ones, but the best platform in my opinion is - it is an excellent and well thought out learning course and beats all the rest.
December 26, 2012
the easy way to learn arabic is buying the product in the link it costs 24 $ . you can learn arabic in a few days . here is the link :
July 13, 2012
Don't you want to learn Arabic, so check LAFLWSP, , don't miss this chance out.
July 7, 2012
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