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I need to practice with native speakers. I appreciate the culture and tradition. Can you help me?
2007年12月31日 01:20
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Greetings, My name is Ryan, I am from California, USA. I am new to this site and interested in learning Russian. I would be happy to help you with English. Please respond if you would like to talk. Thanks, -Ryan
I personally believe that the American culture and tradition is very unsophisticated and unaesthetic. But I guess that english is a very good language to know. I've been reciving prefect scores in english at school ever since I was in the first grade. I am willing to assist you with anything relating to english if you'd like. Other than that, have a great day and take care. Tschuss. Steven J. Shapaker
With that posture, it would be no problem for you to practise your English. ;) Keep going...
hey, i will be more than happy to help you.
Hi , my name is ALfred. I work till midnight so I could help you after work. I am usally on -line till 3am my time. I have a skype account . email me if your still look for help. seeya, AL
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