What does да нет наверное mean? how many meanings has it?
Sep 15, 2012 5:52 PM
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да нет наверное = no (if somebody use both these words together) For example: - May I help you? -hmm, no,thanks. - Могу я вам помочь? -да нет наверное, спасибо. ("да" , “наверное" means here that you thinking . You are not sure may this person help you or not, and you saying -no, I needn't help (да нет наверное)) =) You need just memorize that it's –no.That’s all)
September 15, 2012
very interesting question! )) everyone who studies russian asks that. And Anastasya is right.
September 22, 2012
Oh Thank you! It seems,I understand )
September 17, 2012
It mean just one "No, but I'm not sure"
September 16, 2012
Link one more time:
September 16, 2012
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