Can you correct this text? Hello! Can you help me to correct this text? Today I am going to compare some photographs. First of all, in picture A I can see a girl and a teacher, who is explaining something for her. Picture B shows a classroom with some students and a teacher in front of. Both a girl in picture A and the students in a classroom in the picture B are leaning a foreign language. Now I will speak further about the photograph A. I think that hiring a private tutar is a bit expensive and that's can be only affordable for people who are on a high budget. The other reason why students choose private tutor is that it's truly complicated to stay focussed for them and hear all essential things when whey are in a crowded classroom. In my opinion, learning with a private teacher conduct disciples to improve their test results a lot and they can easily learn the things they haven't heard in the class. However, learning in the class with others is also not so bad as it seems. You can learn not only from the teacher but also from your friends. One more cause why people choose it is the possibility to make a great discussion. Of course, language courses in the classroom with some other students are much more cheaper. Although this method of learning a language is not as convenient as with a private teacher. That's way you have to stick to a specific timetable and you can't choose your time. So, this method is not available for whose, who have a busy day and just don't have the time for the regular lessons. To sum up, it's no matter that type of learning you choose, both selections are great. Speaking more about photographs C and D, which shows two different types of vehicles - a jeep and a compact car, I would choose a jeep. I have decided to choose a jeep, because I think that this car is more multi-purpose. For example, I can both go shopping and go to the mountains or even to the Safary with a jeep. It's absolutely clear that this thing is just impossible with a compact car because of the lack of a power. Yes, it uses much fuel and it needs not one salary to buy it but all other things like comfort, power, speed and design just make this car adorable.
Sep 15, 2012 7:17 PM
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Maxey's right. It's better in Notebook.
September 16, 2012
The 'Answers' forum is not really equipped to do corrections of large amounts of text. You will find this is handled much better by posting it in the 'Notebook' section.
September 15, 2012
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