Jim Rogers
Free Online Classroom Software Do any teachers out there have any recommendations for free online classroom software? I need to be able to display and mark up documents.
Sep 15, 2012 8:53 PM
Answers · 2
great idea
October 17, 2012
Hi Jim, these might be useful HANDY WEBSITES FOR TEACHING ESL/TEFL AT A HIGHER LEVEL Here is one of the best TEFL sites out there http://www.tefl.net/ ESL, using PowerPoint presentations in ESL teaching Using PowerPoint Presentations to teach ESL. www.english-4kids.com/usingppt.html # Review: How to...Teach English with Technology Teach English with Technology - review for ESL or EFL teachers. ... for new and different ways of involving students using technology in the EFL classroom, ... www.tefl.net/.../how-to-teach-english-with-technology.htm # Using the Internet to teach English for Special Purposes (ESP) to vocational ... using technology in esl · esl teaching techniques · ESL lesson plans ... esl.about.com/od/businessenglishlessons/a/bizinterwrite.htm # Using Technology in the ESL Elementary Classroom . www.njtesol-njbe.org/handouts/TechnologyClassroom.pdf
September 15, 2012
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