Getting old Hi, when referring to a photo of myself taken when I was a teenager, how do I write in simplified Chinese "Sadly, I don't look like that anymore". Thanks for your help :-)
Sep 15, 2012 11:31 PM
Answers · 4
年华已逝,青春不再. that measns the time when you were yong have gone, and never come back. and you are getting old.
September 16, 2012
"Sadly, I don't look like that anymore" 可惜呀 看起來再也不是那樣了 可惜呀 不再是小男生了 哎呀 已成明日黃花了 悲夫 不復年少矣 又: 既然是個女性 以下適用 哎 終究人老珠黃了 哎 畢竟年老色衰了 哎 不再是二八年華了 (二八佳人 = 16 歲) 可惜呀 可惜呀 豆蔻年華已遠去 (13, 14 歲) 可惜呀 可惜呀 娉婷美貌不再了 (17, 18 歲) 想當年 我還色艷桃李呢 (成年) 可惜呀 不再是黃花大閨女了 (16歲至出嫁前) 怎麼 黃毛丫頭 轉眼間 就成了老太婆了呢 (黃毛 指極幼時)
September 16, 2012
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