SOME OTHER TESTS 1) He didn’t even notice me when passing by. He _______ in a hurry. a) must have been b) might to be c) should have been 2) I’m looking forward_____ you again. a) to seeing b) to see c) of seeing 3) She was looking ________her notes. a)about b)after c) through d) forwar 4) I________a shower last night when my friend rang. a) was taking?
Sep 16, 2012 11:08 AM
Answers · 3
1) a --> "must" is used to show that something is very likely, probable or certain to be true 2) a --> "look forward to something" is a phrasal verb that requires -ing verb 3) c --> "look through" is a phrasal verb that means "to read something quickly" 4) a --> the phone rang when he was in the shower
September 16, 2012
September 16, 2012
1. must have been 2. to seeing 3. through 4. was taking, are you still doing the same test?
September 16, 2012
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