There are many tourist places in India. yin4du4 you3 duo3 lu3 you2.
Sep 16, 2012 4:46 PM
Answers · 5
There are many tourist places in India there are 有 you3 many 很多 hen3 duo1 tourist 旅游者 lv3 you2 zhe3 places 地方 di4 fang1 (when place is related to tour, it should be translate to 景点 jing3 dian3) in India 在印度 zai4 yin4 du4 In whole, 在印度有很多旅游景点 zai4 yin4 du4 you3 hen3 duo1 lv3 you2 jing3 dian3
September 17, 2012
(在 zai) 印yin4度du4有you3很hen3多duo1旅lv3游you2景jing3点dian3
September 17, 2012
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