do you think that communication is the best way to learn english?? hi!!! i discover that talking to other people is not the best way to improve my english, because we use always the same expressions ( how are you, how do you do.... ), i still feel enable to understand people on TV when they speak english, and i'm sad because of this.
Sep 17, 2012 12:33 AM
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Consistent usage of a language in both spoken and written communication will eventually improve your skills in that language.
September 24, 2012
Well, people spend most of their time speaking small talk, so it is good to practice it a lot. It sounds like you need to talk to the same person more than once though. If you keep meeting new people, the same questions will always arise as you get to know each other. But once you know them for a while, you can get into deeper conversation. You also might want to talk to people who have shared interests with you. Maybe you can talk about language learning, hiking, science, your job, et cetera. But if you have something in common with someone, you can have in-depth conversations with them about that topic. Then you will learn a lot of specialized vocabulary about whatever it is that you guys have in common. I hope that helps.
September 17, 2012
Perhaps you could use the notebook facility on iTalki to post a discussion item and then use Skype or some other sound item to discuss that item. So instead of introductions, you would pass through those to more meaningful discussion. You should probably avoid religion and politics but perhaps discuss art, poetry, medical advances, the American Mars lander, new films. Next when you do talk, go for a conversational style that prolongs and widen the discussion. For example, suppose someone said "What do you think about the Mars Lander" - you could say "I don't like it" - end of conversation. or you could say "I don't like that. I am more interested in the really hot weather here. What do you think about global warming" - and you are off on a conversation that you prefer and would spin off many other ideas. The general problem of how to cultivate a language exchange is common to a lot of us here. So this is one strategy that I suggest works.
September 17, 2012
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