does pajaro pronounce " pajaro or ajaro?
Sep 17, 2012 7:26 AM
Answers · 1
Hello. You have to pronounce the "p" ['paxaro] (this "x" is the phonetic representation of the spanish "j"). The letter "p" is always pronounced in spanish. In general, in standard pronuntiation*, every letter must be pronounced in spanish. *In some countries or regions, as for example, Andalucía, most people don't pronounce the final "S", and pronounce the "s" more or less like an english "h" when it's placed and the end of a syllable which is not the final syllable. For example: estamos: [ehtamo]. But, as said before, in general, every letter in spanish must be pronounced (in syllables with "h" + vowel, "h" has no sound).
September 17, 2012
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