Translating a Poem Hi, Can someone please help me translate this children's poem into both Chinese Pinyin and Chinese characters "Attack of the vegetables" Clouted by sprouts, And harassed by carrots! Poked by the beans, And screamed at by salad! Poisoned by cabbage, And pinched by the peas! Tripped by the spinach, And peppered with seeds! Hair pulled by parsnip, And bruised by tomato! Glared at by swede, And thumped by potato! Battered by beetroot, That pinch, punch and poke! Slapped by the onions, And "Arti", who chokes! thanks!
Sep 17, 2012 1:56 PM
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hope this will help you.but i never translate a poem 来自蔬菜的袭击 lai2 ai4 shu1 cai4 de qi2 ji1 被嫩芽猛击 bei nen ya meng ji 被胡萝卜骚扰 bei hu luo bo sao rao 被豆子狠戳 bei dou zi hen chuo 沙拉对着我尖叫 sha la dui zhe wo jian jiao 被卷心菜下毒 bei juan xin cai xia du 被豌豆夹掐 bei wan dou jia qia 被菠菜绊倒 bei bo cai ban dao 菜籽对着我不断打击 cai zi dui zhe wo bu duan da ji 欧防草拉扯头发 ou fang cao la che tou fa 西红柿让我满身擦伤 xi hong shi rang wo man shen ca shang 甘蓝怒视着我 gan lan nu shi zhe wo 土豆用拳头打我 tu dou yong quan tou da wo 与甜菜根的战斗啊 yu tian gen cai de zhan dou a 那些掐、戳、捅 na xie qia chuo tong 被洋葱扇脸啊 bei yang cong shan lian a 或者说打耳光 “阿嚏" 谁快要窒息了! a ti shui kuai yao zhi xi le!
September 18, 2012
Thanks for sharing. A very original poem. I have put yours into the group, "A Poet's Soul" for more discussion :)
September 20, 2012
This poem is interesting, thank you:-P
September 19, 2012
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