In "Dov'è lei?"how do we know it"s "Where's she?"or "Where're you?" Grazie.
Sep 18, 2012 2:30 AM
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It depends on the context. Example n.1: you are walking along the street when you meet your sister's friend. She asks you : " Ho bisogno di parlare con tua sorella. Mi sai dire dove è lei ora? ( I need to talk with your sister. Can you tell me where is she, now ?) Example n.2 Your boss who has 2 offices in two differnt places calls you by phone and tell you he wants to meet you urgently. You say :" Arrivo immediatamente. Dove è lei ora? ( I will arrive immediately. Where are you now? As you know, in Italian the personal pronouns "Lei " doesn't indicate only the third singolar feminine person , but in the formal language it is used as polite pronoun and indicates the second person. Only the context can help you to understand the difference between the two meanings
September 18, 2012
If you say LEI = FORMAL means you are talking to him or her in that moment so you can see by yourself Esempio : if you met your teacher and ask him "buongiorno , dove è LEI (professore) oggi ad insegnare alla quarta ora? It s clear this is formal form where LEI means YOU If you met your brother and ask him "ciao , dove è lei?" It s clear that you are talking about a female If you met your teacher and ask him "ho visto che Lei (teacher)stava parlando con valeria,saprebbe dirmi dove è LEI (valeria) adesso?
September 18, 2012
Your boss has a daughter and he calls you by phone and tell you he wants to meet her urgently. You say :" vado immediatamente. Dove è lei (=her) ora?'s logic... It makes sense that here "LEI" refers to the daughter ... you want to know where to pick her up.
September 19, 2012
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