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About words with accent marks? For example.... 1. Ba't 2. nátagpuán 3. nagpasimulâ 4. Manilà
Sep 18, 2012 2:33 AM
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we don't offenly used those accent marks or what we called "mga tuldik" i think most of filipino doesn't know about it.^^ anyway about those marks ´ Pahilís (Acute) ` Paiwà (Grave) ˆ Pakupyâ (Circumflex) it refers on how we pronounce each words correctly because some filipino words has a double meaning. it is usually written in filipino dictionaries and is written right above the Vowel Only. for instance: the word " HAPON" hápon (afternoon) more like longer pronunciation of "ha" haaapon. Hapón (japanese) emphasizing the letter "O" short pronounce hapOn. " ^ " a combination of the pahilís and the paiwà marks. BASA basa (to read) no accent mark or malumi basâ (wet) for more ditails visit this website.. it will help you http://www.mts.net/~pmorrow/filpro.htm i addition ba't is not one of these.. its a short term for "bakit" when you saw a filipino words with mark like this " '" it means to be shorten. counterpart in english "it's" it is. "doesn't" does not. etc.
September 19, 2012
mmh.... some words are shortened using these marks examples Bakit [ why ] - Ba't some words have accent marks to differentiate the meaning of the same word in short the same word has 2 meanings Aso[ dog ] [ ah- so] Aso [ smoke] [ ah- so] saying the syllable "so" is bit fast comparing with the first word and sometimes the purpose of these marks is to tell you where should you put stress on a certain word. be careful when you see these marks. the first reply is useful * thumbs up*
January 3, 2013
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