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Can I use 已经 to talk about the future? Can I use 已经 to talk about the future? For example if someone says lets do something on Thursday but you have already arranged to do it with them. For example:A says; 今天我没时间上课,我们星期四或者星期五上课好吗? Can I reply 星期四我们已经有课 We already have a class on Thursday. Or maybe I have to say something like我们已经约定了星期四的课。 In English using Already to talk about the future is quite common : For example: Lets go the beach Sunday. No We are already going there on Saturday. But I don't think it is the same in Chinese, using already for the future, right?
Sep 18, 2012 11:16 AM
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Yes, you can. -今天我没时间上课,我们星期五上课好吗? -星期四我们已经有课了
September 18, 2012
you can say"星期四我们已经安排了课程或星期四我们有课。i am wondering about" already",i thought it only can be used in the sentence you 've done something already...is it correct if i say"we are here already" or we've reached here already...
September 18, 2012
再加几个例句: 100年后,人类可能已经在火星居住了 100年后,世界上可能已经没有国家的概念了
September 19, 2012
已經:副詞 1 所表示的時間為已過去 爸爸已經回來了,正坐在客廳裡看新聞報導。 荔枝上週已經銷售了三十公噸。 2 或者動作、狀況、事情在某時間之前完成。 明年這個時候, 我女兒已經大學畢業了。 荔枝到了下週就已經過了生產旺季了。 甲: 星期天我們去海邊吧! (未來) 乙: 不,上星期六我們就已經去過那裡了。(過去, 意義一) 乙: 不,星期六我們已經就會在那裡了。(未來時間之前已完成, 意義二)
September 19, 2012
You can say it like that. 1.星期四我们已经有课 OR 2.我们已经约定了星期四的课( You can say,我们已经约好了星期四的课,it's better) But for the dialogue you mentioned, use 星期四我们已经有课 better.
September 18, 2012
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