Opposite words in a sentence. Ex. 利弊 I'm interested to learning ways of saying opposite words in a sentence. ex: advantages & disadvantages- 利弊 任何事情都有利弊。 pro's & con's - right & wrong - hot & cold - strong & weak - fast & slow - black & white - etc...
Sep 19, 2012 1:55 AM
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Hi, I could tell something about how to say opposite words in a sentence, but I don’t think it will be really helpful for your learning. Because we usually don’t say the sentences in the daily life. However you should know which 2 words have the opposite meanings, it will be useful to make better sentences. Here is a list of the opposite words in Chinese, the tittle of this part is 常见反义词列表: http://baike.baidu.com/view/255655.htm#5
September 24, 2012
linguistically speaking opposites are adjectives and there is no "and" between adjectives in Chinese therefore you put them together like in 黑白 or 冷热
September 19, 2012
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September 19, 2012
漢語的構詞法裡頭有複詞一項 複詞約分以下三種 1同義複詞:如「遭遇」(二字同義) 2反義複詞:「勝敗」乃兵家常事(兩字反義,兩個意思都保存) 3偏義複詞:不吝惜「去留」(兩字反義,但只有「留」的意思) pro's & con's - 准駁 right & wrong - 正誤 對錯 hot & cold - 冷熱 寒暑 strong & weak - 強弱 fast & slow - 快慢 緩急 black & white - 黑白 此外 善惡 長短 正邪 勤怠 是非 恩仇 遠近 去留 等等不勝枚舉 請用 複詞 作為關鍵字查詢即得
September 19, 2012
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