Chinese names: how to choose hanzi? Say you want to translate your name in chinese: can you use every single hanzi with compatible reading? or is there sort of a "table" for characters used in names?maybe I used the wrong word, for "table" I meant like a chart, a list of characters most commonly used. As for my name, I'm looking for hanzi I'd like to use, when I'll come up with something I hope you will help me choose the better ones :) I was asking in general (many ppl when I say I study Chinese ask me to write their names, so I was wondering if there were some "fixed" rules)are 达涅拉 and 丹妮 ok? (I saw my name is frequently spelled 丹妮拉, but 涅 reads "nie" rather than "ni", so I'd like it better than 妮 )
Sep 19, 2012 9:12 AM
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technically speaking,you can use any words in your name.just some words are considered to have bad meanings that is not suit for a person's name. and in chinese,a word can be pronounced diffenerly between 姓the last name 和and 字 normal-meaning-word。
September 20, 2012
it's better to match your name with some famous person from Wikipedia and thus get the most correct translation there are special dicitonaries for people's names and surnames from English-speaking countries -- as for other countries, well, guessing and imitating is the only option
September 21, 2012
not"table"its weird to be appearred in names...
September 19, 2012
In china ,the name also have some lucky or lovely meaning so you can use any word you love .
September 19, 2012
You choose some Hanzi and type it here. We will help you to choose the best.
September 19, 2012
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