The meaning of an expression. What does the next expression mean? Why are there two articles before the word "toy" ? "a the toy of a girl" Thank you.In one textbook I am offered to make a comparison of two expressions: 'the toy of the girl' and 'a the toy of a girl'. Probably there is a misprint in the second case.
Sep 19, 2012 11:13 AM
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Well, as you've written it, it is grammatically wrong. We don't put two articles before a noun. Could you give us a link or context for the phrase?
September 19, 2012
Nina I am wondering if it is a misprint and the comparison is between 1) the toy of the girl - an alternative way to say this would be "the girl's toy", it is the genitive case, phrase to use when referring to a toy belonging to the girl, a specific girl. 2) the toy of a girl - again this could be "the girl's toy". The difference with the previous phrase with the change of "the" to "a" is that use of "a" here means it is not a specific girl as when we use "the" girl 3) a toy of a girl - here as in the previous (number 2) the girl is not a specific girl and by using "a" we are also removing identification of a specific toy, it could alternatively be stated as a girl's toy 4) a toy of the girl - the phrase is identifying a specific girl but not a specific toy, alternatively stated as the girl's toy. Hope this is of some help for you.
September 19, 2012
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