Is this correct sentence correct? During class this morning Ben looked bored. 今朝のクラスで、Benさんつまらなそうだったね When I read it again I think it could mean During class this morning Ben looked BORING. If that's so, how do I say it correctly?
Sep 20, 2012 1:04 AM
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Your sentence is correct. You said "during class Ben seemed bored" With the comment that Pokemon made, they made good suggestions. I would go with Benさんはつまらなそうな人だ which is the first thing they said. When they say Benさんは退屈そうな人だ they are saying ben is bored. So either go with their first suggestion or stick with what you had (:
September 25, 2012
今朝のクラスで、Benさんつまらなそうだったね I can understand what you said in Japanese. but if i add some message on your Japanese, ベンはつまらな「さ」そうだったね。 "boring" or "bored".. it is quite complicated question.. if I say "he is boring man" in Japanese, i would say 「かれはつまらない人だ。」on this sentence, he is regarded as a boring person as character or nature of him. On the other hand, 「つまらなさそう」 means "seemed boring or bored".. In Japanese, ~そう is a term of "seems alike". in this sentence, it include the point of view of mine to him. it does not talk about the nature of him at all. so at this time, it will become "bored". I deal with this problem like above as i mentioned as native Japanese speaker. I hope it will help you. :-)
April 25, 2013
今朝のクラスで、Benさんつまらなそうだったね This sentence is correct. The meaning is "during class this morning Ben looked bored. " If you want to say "Ben looks boring" in japanese, you could say "Benさんはつまらなそうな人だ" or "Benさんは退屈そうな人だ".
September 20, 2012
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