"lose", etc, Jeffrey Archer's "False Impression": 1, referring to FBI's training in Quantico: His class supervisor at Quantico would carry out a surveillance detection run every evening after class, when he would follow one of the new recruits home. If you managed to lose him, you were singled out for a commendation. Jack went one better. Having lost him, he then carried out an SDR on his supervisor and followed him home without being spotted. question: what does "lose" mean here? SDR? go one better? 2. Anton held up his hands in mock defeat, grinning widely. question: in mock defeat? 3. (in Bucharest) Anton once again took her by the hand and led her back down the corridor towards the staff refectory. When they entered the senior common room, Anna was greeted by the sound of good-humoured chatter as tutors swapped anecdotes while they sat around in groups enjoying nothing stronger than a coffee. They didn't seem to notice that the furniture, the cups, saucers and probably even the cookies would have been rejected by any self-respecting hobo visiting a Salvation Army hostel in the Bronx. question: I don't understand the last sentence thank you for your help.
Sep 20, 2012 2:40 AM
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mock 這裡是形容詞,表達『偽裝』的意思。還有『in defeat』:To raise one's hands "in defeat" == To admit defeat, and raise hands. The full meaning is "To raise one's hand in __an act of__ defeat" --- to lose someone (who is following you) = to evade them successfully (脫逃, 走避), "make them lose you" --- 第三句 - 那些東西怎麼這麼骯髒,連乞丐都不願意用 , 。 (我的中文不好,應該這樣差不多) please let me know if there is a better way to say the above chinese sentences.
September 20, 2012
1) "Lose him" in this context means "get him off your trail" or "make him lose track of you". SDR is a Surveillance Detection Run, as mentioned earlier in the paragraph. "Go one better" means to more than fulfil the requirements. 2) "Mock defeat" tells me the situation was done in play, or was a dry run. This was not a serious, proper defeat. 3) I think FDMaxey has explained it best. :)
September 20, 2012
They did not notice that everything around them was shabby, old and cheap. Not even a hobo (very poor person) would not take it, even if it was given to them by a charity (Salvation Army, which feeds homeless people and gives the a place to sleep).
September 20, 2012
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