The appliance of the words "would" and ''could''.
Sep 20, 2012 7:13 PM
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You can use both COULD and WOULD for OFFER andREQUEST: Could you pass me the salt, please? Would you please listen to me? I'd like a hamburguer, please. I could help you. Would you like some tea? Use COULD for ABILITY in the past: I could play the guitar when I was 17. Use COULD for a past POSSIBILITY/ impossibility: I couldn't go your house 'cause I was very busy. Use COULD for SUGGESTIONS: Could we go the movies tonight? Use COULD for PROBABILITY: He isn't at work, so he could be at home. Use WOULD in CONDITIONALS: I would travel this weekend if I had some money. I hope it was useful!
September 21, 2012
Could is used to communicate that something is possible. ("If you work hard, one day you could have a house as big as mine." "Some people think this new invention could eventually change the auto industry.") Could is also used when asking a question sometimes. ("Could you pass me the salt?" Could you please not smoke here?") Would expresses a conditional mood. I would do it for you, but I don't have the time. Would you be able to help me with cleaning? If that happens, that would be the first time and last time.
September 21, 2012
An "appliance" is a machine that makes your life easier, such as a dishwasher or clothes dryer. Do you mean, "How do we use 'would' and 'could'?"
September 20, 2012
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