need one who know Chinese to help me with translation. thank you! In fact,however,the appearance that is dreamed is nothing but the source thereof which is dreaming.But it is only the in-forming source which can awaken:the objects as such have never slept,and cannot awaken;of themselves they have never been at all,for they cannot have any nature of their own.Nor has the in-forming mind of either dream any nature of its own,for mind,whole or split,is non-entity. 是一本关于宇宙奥秘的书上的句子。in-forming和 mind这两个词我都不确定该如何翻译。 我自己翻译的是: 然而,事实上,被梦到的景象不是别的,而是正在做梦的源头本身。但是,只有in-forming的源头能够觉醒:被梦到的那些对象其本身从未睡着,也就无从觉醒;它们根本未曾真正成为自己,因为它们无法拥有任何自己的本质。如果完整的和分裂的mind都不存在,那么两种梦中,任何一个梦的in-forming mind,并没有拥有它的本性。
Sep 21, 2012 6:14 AM
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September 21, 2012
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