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Can I say these sentences in Chinese like this? 1:下個星期我會回到亚非学院,開始读中國研究学位二年级。I will return to The School of Oriental and African Studies to start year 2 of a degree in Chinese studies 下个星期我会回到大学,开始我的第二年学习中国研究学位。Next week I will go back to university, to start my second year studying a Chinese Studies degree. Sorry something is wrong with my Chinese input system, it keeps switching between traditional and simplified han zi, all on its own!
Sep 21, 2012 12:30 PM
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你早已經"開始"了 現在是"繼續" 下週 我將會回到亞非學院 繼續中國研究的第二年學業 (繼續學業) 下週 我將會回到亞非學院 繼續攻讀中國研究學位 第二年的課程 (攻讀學位)
September 22, 2012
Hi, I think the first sentence is good enough. The second sentence can be: 『下星期,我将回到大学,开始攻读第二学年的中国研究学位』。 学习 is mostly used on a learning subject; 攻读 is used on a degree programme. The second year is 第二年, but when you talk about "school year",or refer to the second year at university (the fourth semester), you can say 学年, which is clear that a new学年will start after a summer vacation. I hope my answer can help you somehow.
September 21, 2012
The first sentence is perfect. For the second one, a slight change is needed. "的" usually comes before a noun, but “学习中国研究学位” is more likely to be a phrase combining verb and noun. How I revise it: 下个星期我会回到大学,开始我(的)第二年中国研究学位的学习。The "的" in the parentheses can be there or not. Your call.
September 21, 2012
1.下個星期我會回到亚非学院,開始读中國研究学位二年级。 You can say like this. 2.下个星期我会回到大学,开始我的第二年攻读中国研究学位。Probably use "攻读" instead of "学习" better。句子的主干是开始攻读学位,如果换成“学习”,句子的主干开始学习学位,有点语病。
September 21, 2012
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