What does "꺼지라" mean? They're lyrics from a song. 한숨만 땅이 꺼지라 쉬죠 I'd like to know what 꺼지라 means and the the functions of it. ^^ Like if it contains any verb stems or sentence patterns. Thanks in advance~!
Sep 21, 2012 5:39 PM
Answers · 2
땅이 꺼지다. Ground sink. *한숨만 땅이 꺼져라 쉬죠. ( a little correction :)) I don't know this expression is used in English, but if literally translated, the sentence would be "I sigh like ground is sinking." or "You know;I sigh like ground is sinking." It means he or she sighs with great anguish or with worry. For reference, "꺼져라." is a rude slang which means "F*ck off." when used alone, (asterisk for masking expletive :))
September 21, 2012
It's slang for "Go away" "Get lost!" "Beat it!" you could also say 꺼지다 or 꺼져.It can also mean "to be turned off" ie. My phone turned off.
September 21, 2012
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