Marie Ni
Best time to Egypt next year?? When is the best time to visit Egypt next year? And do I need to know some basic arabic??
Sep 24, 2012 9:10 AM
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in egypt you can enjoy with alot of things frist if you love sun and sea view you can go to hurgada and sharm el shak . if you love safari you can go to el wahat you can see whiten desert if you love pyramids and sphinx only in egypt . if you want see egypt from inside with a good people and good hospitality you find in egypt if you want to help you to enjoy in egypt i will help you
September 29, 2012
The Best time mmm, I think anytime but take care of Egypt weather... It's medium but for someone who live in a cold place then here its gonna be very hot.. And vice versa ... And about learning basics... U don't have to but it will be easier to communicate... I actually could help u if u want to learn Egyptian Arabic Basics... U could add me on Skype: saraeissa_languages
September 27, 2012
hi how r u ??? i can teach you arabic and you can help you with english if you want and we can chat on skype too مرحبا كيفك؟ انا ممكن اعلمك عربي وانت كمان تساعديني بالانجليزي وممكن نحكي على السكايب marhaba keefek ? ana momken a3almek 3arabi w inty betsa3dene bel english w momken ne3mel chat 3ala il skype kman
April 25, 2014
Hello, there. I can not add more than what these guys suggested to you. But I know that it is the wet season here in Taiwan, so if you are bored from the rain and would like to try the hot summer you can enjoy it soon. Although I prefer you to go there on December, the sun will be milder and the weather will be so nice compared to cold places. I can simplify Arabic language to you, as it will help you a lot especially if you like to see the off tourist places, and immerse yourself to the culture, which would be interesting.
July 30, 2013
it's according to what you want to do ,, just tell us may can help more April - May - June : i think this is the better time to visit egypt mahmoud from egypt :)
October 23, 2012
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