what is the difference between bir sey iciyim and bir sey icmek istiyorum? My Turkish CD says I would like something to drink but at different points on the CD it uses iciyim and other points it uses icmek istiyorum and I can't tell how the usage is different.
Sep 24, 2012 6:54 PM
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"içeyim" is the imperative form of the verb içmek for the first singular subject "I". Let's see the imperatives of this verb for all subjects in order; içeyim - let me drink iç - drink! içsin - let him drink içelim - let us drink için(iz) - you, drink! (it is more polite when you add -iz and works for both "you sing. and plural") içsinler - let them drink içmek istiyorum: I want to drink You can say either of them when someone asks you "what you would like to drink". for example; you are in a restaurant and the waiter asked you; Q: What would you like to drink? Ne içmek istersiniz/isterdiniz? A1: I would like to have (get) a cola please. Ben bir kola alayım, lütfen (almak: to take, to get) (alayım can be read as alıyım, and içeyim--içiyim; we tend to make it ı after a,ı,o,u and i after e,i,ö,ü, a from al and i from iç) A2: I want (to drink) a cola. Ben bir kola (içmek) istiyorum. I would use the first option, it sounds more polite. But when this is not the case, thus you are not asked to tell what you would like to have, when you talk about what you will do or what is your plan, it is like telling something you've already decided, you made your plan already but you just let people to hear it politely. It is slightly different than saying "I want". for example; - Ne zaman buluşuyoruz? When will me meet up? - Ben önce eve gideyim (can be read as gidiyim) ve biraz dinleneyim (can be read as dinleniyim), sonra seni ararım. First let me go home and take some rest, then I call you. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you still have questions. Good luck!
September 30, 2012
içeyim and içmek istiyorum are same.but 'içmek istiyorum' is a formal.the other is informal.
September 29, 2012
"içeyim" and "içmek istiyorum" are both the same. Most turkish ppl pronounce it like "içiym" Another example: koşayım=I wanna run. Hope it helps
September 24, 2012
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