Here, I am adding a beautiful song from the movie XYZ. Zhe4li3, wo3 shi4 zai4 jia1 yi1 ge4 mei3 qu3 cong4 dian4ying3 XYZ.Please dont laugh at my translation. Please use pinyin.
Sep 24, 2012 7:03 PM
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I can see that your translation is tightly related to the sentence word for word, but you fail to think about the grammar. In addition culture background is crucial, too. I'll give my answer, more idiomatic. Because of the lack of context, I'll give you 2 versions to refer to . 1.这里,我正在从电影XYZ中添加一首好听的歌曲。 Zhe4li3, wo3 zheng4zai4 cong2 dian4ying3 XYZ zhong1 tian1jia1 yi4shou3 hao3ting1de0 ge1qu3. 2.这里是我从电影XYZ中添加的一首好听的歌曲。 Zhe4li3 shi4 wo3 cong2 dian4ying3 XYZ zhong1 tian1jia1de0 yi4shou3 hao3ting1de0 ge1qu3.
September 25, 2012
Hi there, "be doing" can be described by "zheng4 zai4". "shi4" doesn't make sense here. "from the movie XYZ" should placed before verb. This is a difference between Chinese and English. "mei3 qu3" is not a daily used phrase. You can replace "mei3" with a complete adjective to express your thought--"mei3 li4 de". Then "qu3" should be replaced by "ge1 qu3" to represent the complete form of "music" as a noun. Then the sentence should be: Zhe4li3, wo3 zheng4 zai4 cong2 dian4 ying3 XYZ jia1 yi1 shou3 mei3 li4 de ge1 qu3. A good shot though. Practice on!
September 24, 2012
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