Flavia Yang
Could u teach me some emoticons and smileys ? :) such as :) [actually it's the only one i know] or some abbreviation people often use to chat?
Sep 25, 2012 4:35 AM
Answers · 6
This is a cat's ass: (*) And this is a fat cat's ass: ( * ) ;-P hehe Here is the complete list of all the text emoticons in the universe http://www.cool-smileys.com/text-emoticons
September 25, 2012
:3 Cat Face
September 25, 2012
I typically use these abbreviations when I chat with friends: brb = "be right back" - used when the person is going to be away from the computer and plan on returning soon lol = "laugh out loud" - this is usually said after a funny comment is made. It's similar to "haha". ttyl = "talk to you later" omg = "Oh my God/gosh/goodness"
September 27, 2012
Here are a few I use often... >_< = exasperation / minor stress -.- = mild chagrin D:' = horrified expression with eyebrow (tilt your head right and you'll see it) o_O = wide-eyed disbelief
September 25, 2012
;)... blinking eye :p tongue out :( sad face :0 open mouth... T.T crying.... :D big smile ... 4ever... 4 u... for you Luv ... love ~.~ closed eyes
September 25, 2012
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