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What does “pantheon ” and “ what could $73,000 buy you" mean? Blatt, in business since 1923, sells traditional slate-topped, fabric-covered models. In the pantheon of pricey pool tables, what could $73,000 buy you? Something pretty spectacular," says Rothberg—a nice antique. Then again, you could get what's in the store's front window: A one-of-a-kind gothic job in teak. Price: $250,000. What does “pantheon ” and “ what could $73,000 buy you" mean? what does "A one-of-a-kind gothic job in teak mean? especially for "job" is it same as " work" as in " a piece of work"?
Sep 27, 2012 12:34 PM
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Pantheon -A group of particularly respected, famous, or important people - the pantheon of the all-time greats, (from typing define:pantheon in google). So in this case, replacing tables with people, it's trying to describe a "grand" collection of expensive pool tables. Why didn't they just say "collection"? Pantheon will add a sense of prestige or fame, hence why i added "grand". what could $73,000 buy you - "七萬三塊可以買到你什麼" 的意思 one-of-a-kind = unique gothic - type of style, my understanding is it is very black... job - piece of work is close, in this case it is referring the "finish" of the product. Like when you say "Good job" as a compliment.
September 27, 2012
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