Sentence with 果然 What does it mean? How can i use this word? 谢谢
Sep 27, 2012 2:27 PM
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果然 [really;as expected;as things turn out] 确实如此,事实与所说或所想的一样This is the case,say and think the same facts For example: 天气预报果然灵验。The weather forecast turned out to be accurate. 他说要来,果然来了。He said he would come, and sure enough he come. 果然他们来找我了。Sure enough, they came to see me. 看,她果然在这里。Look,she really here.
September 28, 2012
It means people forcast or hudge the not very good case will happen in the future or sooner or later.And the case happen in the end or finally/all the same.The word "果然“ proved their judge is very accurate.
September 28, 2012
果然 事情與所預料的一樣。 文明小史˙第三十九回:「我猜著是你要回來,果然回來了,謝天謝地。」 諸葛亮佈下了十面埋伏 ,曹軍果然中計,被蜀兵殺得潰不成軍。 媽媽果然有先見之明,預先備好了食物及飲用水,此刻絲毫都不怕颱風來襲。 王建民果然是名不虛傳,一上場就擊出一支全壘打。 某天老師叫小明用「果然」造句。 小明想了想後,說:「我先吃水果,然後再喝水....」 話還沒說完,老師就打斷他:「果然不能分開的!」 小明一聽,生氣的說:「請你聽我說完! 我想造的是: 我先吃水果,然後再喝水....」 師:「那還不是一樣?」 小明:「閉嘴!」 師:「好吧!可是...」 明:「安靜!」 小明:「我要說的是: 我先吃水果,然後再喝水,果然拉肚子了。」 師:.....(無言)
September 27, 2012
'果然‘means what you suppose is the same as the fact. 正如所料,他果然在茶楼喝茶。 这果然是本好书。 Hope that helps!
September 27, 2012
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