khác biệt là gì? các từ đó là chính xác? I have seen different words for the same thing buồng - or - phòng also nhà tôi -or- chồng/vợ which is correct? What is the difference
Sep 28, 2012 4:49 AM
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I do not agree with dandelion1605 *********** All Vietnamese use "buồng" or "phòng". There are some little difference between them: "phòng" is often bigger, wider and more luxury, beautyful than "buồng". According to the suitable context and given places to use "buồng" or "phòng". For examples: - Buồng: buồng giam (prison cell), buồng lái (bridge [of a ship]), buồng đốt (combustion chamber) - Phòng: phòng hội nghị, phòng họp (meeting room), phòng trưng bày (show room), phòng khách sạn (hotel room) It is sometimes called by the habit. You can say "phòng ngủ" (bedroom), "phòng tắm" (bathroom)... if you feel they are not bad, and also can say "buồng ngủ", "buồng tắm" if they are small and narrow. There are very much VN poor worker, countryside people use "buồng" *********** Except "my home", "my house" of the meaning , just Northern Vietnamese use "nhà tôi" instead of "chồng tôi" or "vợ tôi". Southern Vietnamese NEVER use "nhà tôi" to call husband or wife
September 28, 2012
I only give some opinions of mine about "nhà tôi" and "chồng/vợ". 1) Both of them are ok, if you use them Vietnamese people will understand you all. 2) "nhà tôi" is usually used by Northern people rather than Southern ones. but notice that Northern people also use "chồng/vợ", the only difference is "nhà tôi" is a little closer than "chồng/vợ", just a close way of calling their husband/wife. 3) Southern people seldom use "nhà tôi" to call their husband/wife. yours sincerely :)
September 28, 2012
I think" buồng and phòng " have the same meaning. And " nhà tôi and chồng/vợ" have the same meaning. Both are corect. Northern people always use buồng intead of phòng, but Southern people use phòng. Northern people often use Nhà tôi, sometimes they use chồng/vợ. But Southern people rarely use nhà tôi, They ussually use chồng/vợ
September 28, 2012
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