Sara 嘉瀛
中国国有企业发展战略性新兴产业资本运营战略研究 第一个:标题的翻译是: "Research on how Chinese state-owned enterprises develop strategies to invest capital in the strategic emerging industry"吗?运营是什么意思?我常常阅读了“资本运营“意思是“to manage-invest capitals"吗?"研究"意思对不对? 第二个:能够帮助国有企业准确把握国家政策:"to be able to help state-owned enterprises in accurately understanding State policies" (翻译对不对?)”准确把握“意思对不对?are they both verbs?do they have similar meanings? if yes why are they both used? (just to reaffirm the meaning?)
Sep 28, 2012 8:10 AM