我希望我的生日过在秋天。 if i want to say "I wish my birthday was in the fall" in Chinese,why coming过in this sentence is not correct? i thought 过 meaning "was"!Whether it information is wrong? 我希望我的生日过在秋天。Plesae!
Sep 28, 2012 12:19 PM
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Hello Hannah, There is nothing wrong with using 过 in your sentence, but the order of words in this sentence is not correct. Normally, When adverbs or adverbial clusters modify verbs, they are placed immediately before them. For example, 我在秋天过生日---correct 我过生日在秋天---wrong 我在飞机上过的生日---correct 我过的生日在飞机上---wrong So if you want to keep 过 in your sentence, the sentence should be structured like this, 我希望我的生日在秋天过 我希望我在秋天过我的生日
September 28, 2012
در این جمعه 过=گذشتن 这些天我过得很愉快。 این روزها به من خوش گذشت.
September 29, 2012
"I wish my birthday was in the fall" you should say:我希望我的生日是在秋天or我希望我是在秋天出生的。 "was"in chinese means "是"。 “我希望我的生日过在秋天。”it's not entirely wrong, we can understand what you mean. but"I wish my birthday was in the fall" is emphasize that “you wish your birthday was in the fall(you wish you were born in the fall)”. We usually say"我在某地方过生日"or“我的生日是(在)什么时候”we never say"我的生日过在某地方"“我的生日过在什么时候”
September 28, 2012
过not means was,here you use a subjunctive mood,so "wish....was...."is a sentence structure ,so you can say :我希望我的生日在秋天or 我希望在秋天过生日
September 28, 2012
Thanks so much!:)
September 30, 2012
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