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is it right? today i see one word -brick.this word has two meaning ,one is a material of building,other is the person who is so kind heart. if i say you are a brick,is it right?
28. Sept 2012 12:50
Answers · 6
'You are a brick!' is a correct saying in English, but it's a bit old-fashioned. We usually say it to mean someone is reliable, supportive (strong and dependable like a brick) or helpful, but it could also mean generous or kind-hearted. It is always a compliment and it's a nice thing to say to someone :)
28. September 2012
Though the phrase "you are a brick" is not used in the US, it could probably be confused with another common phrase here: "You are thick as a brick." Which means "you are very stupid". So, be careful with whom you use the phrase.
28. September 2012
虽然我是收教育的人,也生活很多年,但上面的用brick的句子, 我没听过
28. September 2012
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