Timur Zhukov
How to say it in English? Hi, guys! I would like to ask one question: how to say it in English, when we speak about the verb conjugation? For example: French. je suis - first (person?) - how to call this grammar expression, when we say that the action is being done by me. tu es - second (person?) - action is being done by you. etc. I hope my explanation (what I would like to find out) is clear.
Sep 28, 2012 1:04 PM
Answers · 5
I'm not certain that I understand the question completely. First Person Singular = "I am" First Person Plural = "We are" Second Person Singular or Plural = "You are" Third Person Masculine Singular = "He is" Third Person Feminine Singular = "She is" Third Person Neuter Singular = "It is" Third Person Plural = "They are" Does this answer your question? Or did I misunderstand it?
September 28, 2012
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