what is the difference between particular and specific ? could you provided me with examples please?
Sep 28, 2012 5:34 PM
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As an adjective, they are interchangeable. "Are you looking for anything specific?" "Are you looking for anything in particular." ('in' is usually paired with 'particular') As an adverb, the words are not necessarily interchangeable. He is particularly good at sports. [correct] [The sentence says that he is good at many things, but very good at sports.] He is specifically good at sports. [wrong. The sentence would imply he is only good at sports..]
September 28, 2012
They are usually not only synonymous but interchangeable (with, perhaps, a modification in form). A. What specifically did you not like about the movie? B. What in particular did you not like about the movie? Both of these mean that the listener should give details about what they didn't like about the movie. No difference in meaning or nuance as far as I can see. C. He's very particular about the style of shoes he wears. D. He's very specific about the style of shoes he wears. These two usages are different. Sentence C means that he's very fussy and choosy and won't wear a style that he doesn't like, but he doesn't restrict himself to two or three styles. sentence D means that he will wear only a limited number of styles, and that when he goes to a shoe store, he tells the salesman exactly (specifically) what styles he's interested in buying, and nothing else will do.
September 29, 2012
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