please give me the usage of the word "ironic"
Sep 29, 2012 2:03 AM
Answers · 2
Ironic is used in two basic situations. 1. Where what is said has the exact opposite of what is meant. "It's raining just when we started the parade! Oh, that's just marvelous!" The above statement uses irony. 2. Where there is some great difference in what happens and what is wanted or expected. "Sullivan wanted to write serious music. Ironically, he became famous for his comic operas." "The fact that he talked so much about what he would do tomorrow turned out to be quite ironic, as he died the next day." "He had a fear of dying on water. Ironically, he died in Venice - a whole city on water."
September 29, 2012
The opposite of what we expect. "A patisserie who doesn't like sweets." "A lifeguard who drowns."
September 29, 2012
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