How can i express "一本/一类本科" and“专科" in English How can i express "一本/一类本科" and“专科" in English?(FYI,they r used to classify universities in China)
Sep 29, 2012 2:56 AM
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专科是不是专业的意思? 如果是, 这个词用英文是"major". (e.g. "What's your major?") 本科也许是undergraduate. (Can you use 本科in a sentence? Maybe it could help me translate it.) 不认为英文没有"classifiers" (e.g. 个, 匹, 本, etc.) 只是有“一“, 一可以成中文翻译: “a", 有时候用"an". e.g. "A horse", "An axe", "An American", "An elephant", "An idiot", "An ox", "An underground lair", etc. 明白了呢?
October 2, 2012
In American English those would be "undergraduate" and "vocational school."
September 29, 2012
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