what does this mean? 客气~ how do I use it?
Sep 29, 2012 3:30 AM
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No se lo que quieres decir. Esta palabra se puede usar en distintas partes. primer uso: aqui "客气" es como "cordial,amable,bueno..." ,por ejemplo ,el dueno trata al invitado bien. Y el invitado quiere darle gracias. Puede decir: 您太客气了; Segundo uso: Uno visita una casa de un amigo. Su amigo quiere decirle: Como tu quieras. Es como: 你别客气。(即“随便”的意思) Tercer uso: "不客气" Es como "De nada" .Cuando uno te da gracias, puedes responder: 不客气。 asi:——谢谢!(Gracias!) ——不客气。(De nada)
September 29, 2012
Thank you ! you're welcome . so you wanna say it in short, you can say welcome, then same as Chinese, 谢谢,客气!
September 29, 2012
Umm. Like this conversation: Bob:Thanks,Ramda. Ramda:you're welcome (不客气) When you help somebody who thanks for your help, you can answer him(不客气) .
September 29, 2012
Here are some examples: 1. 不客气 = You're welcome Xiaohong says: 谢谢。 Xiaoming says: 不客气 2. 客气 = polite eg.1 Xiaohong brings a present for Xiaoming each time when she visit his, Xiaoming may say to Xiaohong," 你太客气了!” (You are too polite.) eg.2 Xiaoming then invited Xiaohong to have dinner with their family. At the table, he said to Xiaohong "别客气,自己来。”(don't be shy, help yoursef, ok) eg.3 During the meal someone knocked at the door abruptly, Xiaoming opened the door and found his drunk friend Yongger coming to ask for money from him to buy drink again. Xiaoming gave him some money and shouted angrily at him, "滚,下次再这样子,我就不客气了!“ (Go away. I won't be this kind again next time!)
September 29, 2012
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