Translation: المسجد الحرام في مكة I need to know the word-for-word translation of this phrase. المسجد الحرام في مكة I understand that the whole phrase refers to the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, that المسجد al-musjid means a mosque, or house of worship, في fi means in, and that مكة mekka is Mecca. The part that is confusing, with which I have the least familiarity, is الحرام . Could someone break down the meaning of this word for me? Also, how do you pronounce each word in the phrase?
Sep 29, 2012 5:13 AM
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this is mean that we shouldn't do any thing bad + somethings else such as we can't hunt or fight there and a lot of things more ...
October 4, 2012
Hello, well let me explain by two ways : 1 translation word by word: المسجد = [al-masjid-u] "the mosque" >>>>>>>> rememeber ال means "the" in arabic, and without it, that means it's indefinite word. why I put [-u] actually it's final mark vowel, in arabic when we want to read we don't care about the final vowel mark, so doing this, the word will be reading as : [al-masjid], but I do prefer to do this one to make sure it has a mark in the final. *Note : the indefinite word have "un, in, an" named "a-ttanween" {التنوين}, example : المسجدُ = al-masjid-u مسجدٌ = masjid-un{indefinit}. الحرام = [al-Haraam-u] "the prohibited/forbidden" #adjectif# في = [fee] = in مكة = [makkat*-a] = Macca, * for "t" sound written as ة in the final of the word, when we don't care about the final vowel, ة change its sound to h sound like in holiday, in otherwise : makkah. Now, if we read it with the final vowel "a" ة still has the same sound of t sound like in tea. so it will be (makkata) alright? I don't think it's something hard to understand, feel free to ask. the translation of meaning [Recommended]: المسجد الحرام في مكة = the forbidden mosque in Macca. Now, I think you're curious to know why this place named like that the forbidden: Alla has forbidden this place until the da of judgement, the fighting is not allowed, nor hunting, or cute the trees, or be unclean. This place is very important and religious, and the prophet Muhammad told us that it will be the place where the Dajaal* cannot enter. *Dajaal{one of the indices of the approximation of the day of judgement} : means in arabic the magician, it's a person who will appear once, and it will spoil the whole earth, and make people think he's the God or as we say in Arabic "allah". he will be killed by the prophet Jesus the christ.[in Quran notice the story of Jesus, and notice he isn't the son of Allah as they think, and he will be back on life.] regards.
September 29, 2012
الحرام means what is forbidden to be breached. For example, if someone says "walking there is حرام" it means that no one is allowed to walk there. In fact, this word gained an idiomatic meaning in Islam. Consequently, one says " drinking the alcoholic beverages is حرام " meaning that it is forbidden. So المسجد الحرام means the mosque which improper works or acts are forbidden there as it is sacred by the God.
October 3, 2012
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