The valency of the verb to change and its related nouns I have been making changes to some texts and every time I do my British co-workers send me notes similar to flowing sentence: 'You have recommended changing B to A' - My brain blows for what I do is always change from A to B. Let say I have changed a phrase such as 'For I like studying' to ' Because I like studying' in a given text, they would reply ' You have recommended changing 'For I like..' to 'Because I like..' Is this sentence wrong? Or can I use 'changing' this way? Changing (final form) to (previous form)
Sep 29, 2012 3:15 PM
Answers · 4
The word 'to' indicates movement from 'here' to --> there'. - We are now 'there.' Here are some other constructions that you can employ. I recommend (that) you change A to B. (Replace A with B) I would recommend (that) you make the following change: A to B. I suggest changing A to B. The result is B in each case. You can also use 'with.' I suggest the replacement of A with B. Try replacing A with B.
September 29, 2012
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