learning Spanish Hi Guys I always wanted to learn Spanish.But I don't thinks so italki is enough.If you have no clue about it. I think I should go to course right? Any idea best learning ways? Is it too difficult? Thanks
Sep 29, 2012 6:30 PM
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Hola, amiga. Yo creo que el italki te ayudaría mucho más si ya supieras por lo menos lo básico del español, y por supuesto si encuentras amigos que te ayuden, no lo dudes. Intenta también buscar sitios en internet, dónde puedas ir aprendiendo sola, busca en google: Sites to learn spanish, seguramente encontrarás una gama de sitios buenos. Yo no te puedo ayudar porque no hablo inglés, de otro modo sería un placer. Abrazos, suerte y sigues con ganas de aprender!
September 29, 2012
from my own experience, i can tell you that the best thing i had done concerning learning spanish was to bought a dictionnary; a little one - for me i bought one with 20000 words. something that you can put in your bag- when you are in train or a car-not driver- or in a subway- you can read it. especially the words that you are interested in or that you see on the streets. first you have to learn by your ownself. each day you learn maybe 2 or 3 words then you ability will progress with your increasing frounced for the language. if you are not very interesting init you will quit so you have to sure about this issue. you learn then 5 or 8 words each day. it depend on how much you time on learning. you can uses these sites too; www.livemocha.com it's very helpful for the beginners and www.busuu.com. thant's all i can say about the spanish learning so good luck. a_a and for the difficulty; at the begining you might found it in a way hard but with time and your love for the language it wii desapear at 70 to 80%. you have to think that's will be easy. oh! i forgot one thing. when you learn a new word you should repeat it in a high voice.( i don't know the exact word, maybe loughdly ! )anyway it will help you a lot. even you cat repeat with you sister or mother or a friend. to not become crazy. listening to spanish songs with really help you in the pronounciation learning. good luck again a_a
September 29, 2012
Yo creo que algo muy bueno es conseguir un amigo que pueda hablar contigo frecuentemente a traves de tu celular, porque muchas veces no tenemos tiempo de revisar italki todos los dias, una aplicacion muy buena que yo puedo recomendar para el celular se llama Whatsapp. Saludos...
October 7, 2012
It's just like any other language I guess, you just gotta be patient and learn little by little, buena suerte! if need any help , let me know.
September 29, 2012
You should enroll in an adult education course, this would give you a good start. Busuu.com is a good website that could help you. As for it being difficult to learn, yes of course it is, it takes dedication to learn a new language, years of studying. The only way you will learn it is to study hard every day, it is the same for everyone, it is certainly not easy. One more piece of advice is, when you write in English, please write as grammatically correct as you can, if you make mistakes in English this does not help students who are learning English.
September 29, 2012
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