Is the translation right ? 传统的节日里,我们总会有那种很传统的愿望:花常开、月常圆、人常在……中秋节快乐。 The traditional festival, we will always be a very traditional kind of desire: a regular flower, Yuan, Chang, who often ... happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Sep 30, 2012 2:20 AM
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传统的节日里,我们总会有那种很传统的愿望:花常开、月常圆、人常在……中秋节快乐。 During the traditional holidays, we always have very traditional wishes: flowers that are always blooming, a moon that is always round, people that are always there...... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. During = 里 或是 在XX的时间里 或是 在XX的同时 desire = 欲望 wish = 愿望 blooming = 开花 (进行中) moon = 月亮 round = 圆 people = 人(复数) be there = 在那里 大概是这样吧。 不过应该能弄得更加像诗呢。 英语不大好而且还不怎么会用这个网站 不过希望能帮到你 ^-^
September 30, 2012
No, it makes no sense at all.
September 30, 2012
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