If I have some time I'll come by tomorrow. or If I had some time I'll come by tomorrow. which one of them is correct?
Sep 30, 2012 2:16 PM
Answers · 5
"If I have some time I'll come by tomorrow." - this is what you need. This may well happen. "If I had some time I'd come by tomorrow." - this tells me the intention is there, but the chances of it happening are unlikely. Note how "I will" changed to "I would".
September 30, 2012
"If I have..." is correct: this is a sentence in the first conditional form. "Had" is reserved for the past tense, or for a second conditional sentence ("If I had some time I would go to his house") or a third conditional sentence ("If I had had some time, I would have gone to his house").
September 30, 2012
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