What does 'mooo khalo laddo' translate to in English? Thanks The whole sentence is... 'then it would have been mooo khalo laddo'
Oct 1, 2012 3:32 AM
Answers · 3
you didn't provide the context of this sentence yet , so I just noticed that the words are written in funny way. The correct word and sentence is: Muh kholo laado / Mooh kholo lado Muh= mouth kholo= open laado/lado= lovely daughter ( this is a Haryanvi slang for pretty daughter/ pretty girl) Muh kholo laado / Mooh kholo lado = please, open your mouth Lado// Lado, please open your mouth
October 2, 2012
complete sentence is needed for proper translation- laddu is a sweet and khalo may mean eat(imperative) and muh mean mouth, but because sentence is incomplete i cannot say for sure what exactly do you mean by it
October 1, 2012
Hey!! can you give me a complete sentence?
October 1, 2012
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