Can I say this sentence in Japanese, or does it makes no sense then? I want to say the weird sentence "You're killing me with your cuteness" in Japanese. But does this sentence even make sense in the Japanese language? Moreover: How do I translate this? "貴女のキュートは私を危めます"??? Maybe something like that? (My Japanese is really bad, I know. Sorry for that. :<) Please tell me! ^^
Oct 1, 2012 2:32 PM
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I agree kei-san. Although "貴女のキュートは私を危めます" is not very natural , but it makes sense. At least I'd understand if someone happens to say so to me. The more natural way to say what you mean is: ○○さんがかわいすぎて、(私は)死にそうです。 ==== Some of the reasons your original sentence is not natural: 1) キュート is an adjective, not a noun. So you can't really say キュートは・・・。 2) The verb 危めます is not commonly used.
October 1, 2012
No I think ok because this is enphasis of cuteness.Japanese sometime we set enphsis word came first and explanation later therefore ( 君のキュウトは!! 私を危めます)is all right. but this is speaking langage but put Into Japanese : 貴女は綺麗過ぎる. but your Japanese may be make sense to Japanese
October 1, 2012
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